24 April, 2020

It’s no surprise that charities are facing a funding blackhole right now. Donations have plummeted, reflecting people’s lower incomes, closed charity shops and cancelled events. This weekend, thousands of runners would have been attempting to beat their personal bests or having a go for the first time at the world’s biggest fundraising event – the London Marathon.  

Whether you would have been among them, or in the crowd cheering them on, there are many alternatives to the Marathon this Sunday with the ‘#TwoPointSixChallenge’. Many charities are encouraging everyone to take part by doing an activity based around the numbers 2.6 and 26 (to represent the marathon distance) and donate to a partner charity to help to fill the funding gap.  

If you’re stuck for inspiration, the website has plenty of ideas, including a 26-minute virtual workout with 26 friends, running up and down the stairs 26 times or dancing to music for 26 minutes. You can also get involved through Made By Sport’s challenge, sending them a video of you doing #26jumps in 60 seconds, which they will edit, post to their TikTok account for you, and send it back to you so you can add it to your own social media.  

If you’re not able or willing to be that active, why not bake 26 cupcakes for Surfers Against Sewage or find 26 orange objects around the house for Alzheimer’s Research?  

So, whether you can spare 26p or £26, get involved and help to fund the gap by doing something a little different this Sunday? 

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