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19 April, 2021

Vaccine rollout is continuing apace, with around half the GB team already wearing our stickers with pride.  

As you may know from previous Friday 5 stories, we’re really proud to be working with VaccinAid to support the fundraising campaign to deliver vaccines to the world. This week, we wanted to highlight some work we’ve done with our friends at ORB on the Vaccine Confidence Index to understand how society perceives roles and responsibilities in the vaccination rollout.  

Most people (89%) understand that the whole world must be vaccinated; not just people in the UK. In fact, 69% of Britons believe that the UK has a duty to help vaccinate people in developing countries and recognise that their vaccination will impact the safety of people here.  

Businesses have a real role to play in getting the economy running again; to shorten the impact of the pandemic, not just for others, but also for themselves. And it’s not just us: two in three Britons believe that companies should donate to the effort to vaccinate people around the world; only just behind the 68% who believe it’s also the responsibility of the government. If businesses were still wondering if vaccination was worth their time, the polls show that businesses will be rewarded for their efforts, with almost four in five consumers looking more favourably on companies helping with vaccination efforts.  

As more of the UK economy starts to open up, global supply chains and the globalised nature of consumer demand means that business success rests, in part at least, on thriving economies elsewhere. So, just as none of us are safe from the virus until all of us are safe, so too the economic recovery will be held back as long as other countries continue to grapple with new waves of infection. As is so often the case, business success and social impact go hand in hand. So, if you are a business and you’d like to play your part, here is where you can start. Or give us a call!

By Marie Guérinet

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