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Where do we go from here?

2 June, 2020

Many organisations are thinking long and hard about how they can change in the aftermath of the crisis we’re in.

So we thought it worth sharing a few ways we have been working with our clients to help them manage the current crisis and build for the future, in case they spark thought with others beginning to think about how to re-emerge from this, in the months ahead.



Our client, a large financial services company, asked us to help it keep watch on whether it is keeping to its purpose as the crisis, and its response to it, evolves. The company wants to understand the implications of its own actions, and keep up to date on how other purpose-led organisations are adapting to and managing the crisis as it unfolds. By providing this continual check and challenge, and bringing relevant and inspiring ideas from other places to the table, we are helping ensure that the company can hold firm on the purpose that drives it.


Managing the new tension between SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITY

Covid 19 has, for obvious reasons, created a heightened focus on safety – people want to be sure that everything they come into contact with is free from contamination. This in turn creates an environmental problem in the making, as the easiest way to create a sense of security is through single use plastic. We’re working with a leader in the hospitality sector to help it find ways to retain its environmental ambitions, while meeting the new prior order need for safety.


Keeping focus on NET ZERO

We’re seeing a determination amongst many of our clients not to let their future sustainability projects slip, and even to use this period of time to focus in on them, and get the planning done. One example is the work we’ve been doing for a global Foundation to help it understand the Net Zero process, set out its path to getting there, and lay the foundations for the action that comes next for them and the sector as a whole.


Seeking a new RALLYING CRY

How can a renewed sense of organisational direction help motivate and inspire an organisation as it comes out of the immediate crisis? Our client has asked us to help create energy and momentum around the company’s reason for being and the contribution it makes to the world. We’re using a creative engagement process to develop new ways to invigorate their organisational rallying cry, to help it bounce back from lockdown in a way that powers it to a better way forward.


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