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Run with purpose

9 June, 2023

Last week, Adidas launched its “Move for the Planet” campaign, and although it is well underway, there’s still time for us to lace up our shoes and get moving.  

From June 1st to June 12th, Adidas will donate one euro to Common Goal for every 10 minutes of activity, across 34 sports, logged in the Adidas Running app. With a total donation cap of 1.5 million euros, it presents an opportunity for people around the world to take part in their usual (or unusual) physical activity while supporting sustainability-related causes. 

Adidas and Common Goal have selected projects around the globe that share a common mission: to educate and empower communities towards sustainable practices. These projects range from renewing sports pitches with recycled materials in Greece to providing clean drinking water to families and schools through a rainwater collection and purification system in South Africa, as well as illuminating football pitches with solar power in Cambodia.  

Through these actions, they aim to create a movement that educates and engages communities on sustainability. Sport has the power to drive this, and Adidas is harnessing that power by uniting the global sporting community for a common cause. We admire how Adidas and Common Goal have transformed the concept of cause-related marketing from something focused on purchase and personal reward into a positive, empowering, purpose-driven approach that ties personal benefit from higher activity levels and social benefit in the form of donations.  

Whether you’re running, cycling, playing basketball or squash this weekend, your minutes of activity will count towards the donation. So, if you can, join the ‘Move for the Planet’ campaign, track your movements and let every step you take become a step towards positive action!  

By Bertie Bateman

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